A bundled structure of the logistics of BOXEXPERT helps to a smooth flow of all processes. The central location Hamburg includes all areas for the handling of our logistics. The development and manufacture of the products originates in the Hanseatic city, as do the sales, support and shipping logistics. A customer-oriented way of working is a matter of course for BOXEXPERT.

Through selected logistics partners and a high availability of all products, we can guarantee a fast processing of all orders. Automated and multilingual order processing makes a significant contribution to this.

If it has to go very fast, we deliver our housings of course also worldwide by express to you and organize for you with large deliveries the correspondence with the forwarding agency. Convince yourself of our reliable logistics and trust BOXEXPERT.


Dispatch handling by BOXEXPERT

The entire shipping process is covered and carefully implemented by BOXEXPERT. Shipping packages are brought to their destination reliably and on time by our logistics partner UPS.

Furthermore, we take over the entire organization with the forwarding agency for the delivery of pallets and take care of all necessary customs formalities if required.


Is your housing processed further or does it enter your production chain? Or is the delivery made directly to your customer? For both cases BOXEXPERT offers the support to assist you logistically. Both in terms of packaging and delivery, we sit down with you at an early stage to define the optimum process for you.

Convenient ordering in the shop system

Our shop system allows you to conveniently order with a click in a completely automated environment. Using filter options and a clear structure of our product categories, you can easily and quickly find the right enclosure for you.

Should individualization in the form of our services for housing be desired, our staff will respond immediately to your special requests and, if desired, advise you directly live in the online chat.


If the product is to be delivered directly to your customer, we will pack the cases directly into your boxes with your delivery note at your request, so that your customer does not even notice that the supplier was actually someone else.

If you process the housing further in your production and conserve resources, delivery in panel packaging, for example, is an option.

24/7 and dispatch on the same day

We ship our goods daily. All orders are, depending on the time of the order, handed over to our logistics partner on the next working day at the latest and should normally be with you on the following working day.

Orders received by 2 p.m. via our online shop are shipped on the same day, so that you have less than 24 hours from the time you place the order until you receive the goods.


If you need the security of always having access to the desired number of enclosures, but do not have the available storage capacity, we are happy to offer you the conclusion of a blanket order. In this way, we always hold back the quantity of housings required over a certain period of time for you, so that you can easily call them up from us in batches. This gives you the flexibility to continue to act at short notice. Even if half-parts such as the housing cover or accessories are to be sent to different delivery addresses, we are happy to support you in the implementation.

We are happy to advise you even before you place your first order, because we want to create the space for you to concentrate on your core business.