With an individual design to the optimal product

For the professional use of an enclosure or a product, one of the most important factors is the design itself. Here it is important to create a clear distinction from the rest of the market, to set a contrast with the housing and, if necessary, to adapt to the surroundings. By means of an individual design through colour and form, it is possible to find this personal character.

Individual colour design, new shapes and high quality materials make it possible to specify the housing. This gives the designer freedom of design even in simple products such as a metal or plastic housing. BOXEXPERT adapts your case in colour and shape and optimises it for the respective purpose.

Gehäusefarben in allen Richtungen, jedes Gehäuse kann in verschiedenen Farben produziert werden.
Auch gemischte Farben sind auf Ihrem Metallgehäuse möglich.


... ... IN COLOR

Choose the right colour for your industrial enclosure. Whether eye-catching or discreet, the choice of colour allows you to customise the product and have it personally adapted to the intended use. In this way, you can set yourself apart from standard colours and create a completely new accent that will emphasise your product and blend in perfectly with its surroundings.

... ... IN THE FORM

To create a unique product, the shape is also crucial. Whether art housing or fuse box – there are no limits to the formal design here. With the choice of shape, you can not only individualize the industrial enclosure, but also adapt it to the electronics and components.

Unsere Boxexpert Metallgehäuse können wir in Ihren Farben liefern
Individual design through painting or powder coating
Metal housing
The industrial enclosures can be individually refined by means of professional surface treatment. One way to do this is to paint the metal housing. By a free choice of the colour the housing gets an individual design and can be differentiated from standard housings. Powder coating is also a well-known and popular method of customizing the product. Here we coat your metal housing in a high quality process.

Using professional methods, we adapt the colour of your product for you and guarantee individuality and added value.

Give your
Plastic housing
A plastic housing can already be individually designed in the original production by a colouring. For this purpose, a coloured granulate is used, which is processed in the production process and thus provides the appropriate colour. Here, too, our customers have a wide selection to choose from, offering plenty of scope for creative design in the case of plastic enclosures. Our focus is not only on the attractive design but also on the functionality and high quality of the product. Our goal here is to combine both the design and the practical aspect in the plastic housing and thus offer the highest possible quality.
Auch gemischte Farben sind auf Ihrem Metallgehäuse möglich.
Unsere Boxexpert Metallgehäuse können wir in Ihren Farben liefern
Using the right tools to shape your
Metal and plastic housings
For the individual design of the dimensions and shapes of the industrial enclosures, the right and professional tools are the focus of production. Individual die-casting moulds for aluminium housings or injection moulds for plastic housings give the housings their individual shape. We offer our customers to machine existing moulds of standard enclosures to customer specifications, or even create completely new moulds for custom enclosures. Individuality and creativity in design combined with innovative manufacturing technology – BOXEXPERT takes care of the professional production of your product.

Choose the shape that suits your purpose and we will produce your order using professional equipment.


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