Basic functionality of the electricity system

Switchgear has a major impact on the safety, reliability and flexibility of an electricity system. They are used in electrical network stations of utility and industrial plants as well as in the power supply systems of buildings, in public transport systems and even in ships.

Switchgear has several basic functions:

  • Accommodation of devices protecting against overload and short circuit
  • Housing of devices which distribute and control the electrical voltage
  • Ensuring the personal safety of the users and the function of the system
  • Isolation of circuits for the performance of safe maintenance work
  • Carrying out qualitative or quantitative measurements of the power supply

Switchgears form the nodes of the high, medium and low voltage networks. A distinction is made between feeders, feeders and couplings to other network nodes. The actual power distribution and the grouping of loads or consumers take place in the switchgear.

Gehäusesysteme für den Schaltschrankbau von BOXEXPERT
Metallgehäuse für den Schaltschrankbau von BOXEXPERT


  • Ensuring safe operation
  • Encapsulation, partitioning and covering of high-voltage-carrying parts (indoors)
  • Disconnection and earthing possibility during maintenance work
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Low space requirement
  • Long-term integrity of contact connections
  • Limitation of the heating of current-carrying parts
  • For outdoor systems, an extensive earthing network and lightning protection devices
Maschinenbau Wandschrank für den Schaltschrankbau.


While switchgear for low voltage is housed in normal rooms in closed cabinets, switchgear for medium voltage is often located in suitable switchgear rooms in so-called switchgear cells, which are connected to each other with so-called busbars.


The individual components of the switchgear and also the required busbars are housed in differently dimensioned control cabinets. The control cabinets have several important tasks here:

  • Protection of the devices and equipment inside from dust and moisture
  • Protection against unauthorized personnel through lockable doors
  • Dimensional stability of the control cabinets even under thermal influences
  • Protection against deformation due to contact forces of the rail connections
  • EMC protection of sensitive measuring instruments
  • Protection against weather influences for outdoor applications

Thanks to the many years of experience of the BOXEXPERT team in the field of switchgear construction, we are able to offer our customers in this sector targeted solutions and design them individually to meet their requirements. Our Treva and Fleet control cabinet series offer a wide range of solutions and can be individually assembled thanks to their modular design.


BOXEXPERT enclosure systems are uncomplicated and easy to use due to their design. BOXEXPERT stands for the highest quality. Our modern production technologies, in combination with our strict quality controls, ensure reliable and homogeneous product quality.

Schaltschränke für den Schaltanlagenbau von BOXEXPERT.

Accessories and customization

In addition to the different enclosure series, BOXEXPERT offers integrated solutions such as pre-assembled and machined enclosures, cable glands and cable glands for various applications. Also for automation applications such as KNX systems, or if EMC-critical applications are involved, our trained and expert staff will provide you with comprehensive and competent advice.

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